Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Truth About Green Tea Weight Loss

2:04 PM by Lilian ·
Green tea weight loss have been both lauded as effective, and criticised as being a child of advertising without evidence that it works in weight loss. So what's the truth?

Studies relating to green tea and weight loss

I went looking for studies that would either support or disprove green tea weight loss. Contrary to some critics, I found both studies in the animal AND human model that are very promising.

Animal studies are currently used by mainstream science for leads as to whether something is worth proceeding to human studies on. There are a lot of drawbacks to animal studies, one of the main ones (aside from the pain caused to the animal) is that for different species of animals, you get different results. And that can lead to false conclusions as to whether what is being studied, like green tea weight loss, is effective.

There were a number of studies done with humans in relation to green tea weight loss, however. Read more...


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