Monday, January 5, 2009

Women's Hair Trends in 2009 : Cuts, Style and Color

Throughout 2008, women's hair cuts did one thing: they got shorter. There was the bob hair trend, the pixie-crop hair trend, and a plethora of others in between. And unlike the length of women's hair, their popularity grew. Which leaves us with an interesting predicament for 2009's hair trends: the fashion forward, short hair styles of 2008 are no longer fashion forward. They're no longer unique.

So in 2009, fashion forward girls have a choice to make: keep the bobs and blend into the crowd or, to stand out, cut their hair shorter or let it grow.

1. Hair Cut Trends
  • Cropped bob
To put it bluntly: the cropped bob is extreme. It's not quite a pixie crop nor a bob. Short all over, even with a heavily shortened blunt cut fringe, it's can only be worn by those who ooze confidence. Just look at Agyness Deyn's cropped, fringed bob. Attention grabbing, it's even far less subtle with peroxide blonde hair which I'm tipping as the best colour to wear it with.

  • Pixie Crop
The pixie crop started as a hair trend in 2008 but, as a natural progression from the bob hair cut, expect to see plenty of it in 2009.

For those fashionisers who are willing to really take scissors to their hair, the pixie crop offers a bold look far less subtle than the cropped bob, and one that is both young and funky when done right. And doing it right has everything to do with the styling: as we learnt from Katie Holme's pixie crop a lack of styling and product and you can look suddenly middle-aged.

You can visit this site for more cute pixie cut

  • The Bob
Perhaps both the cropped bob and pixie crop are too extreme for you? Or perhaps you've just got a bob and are eager to keep it. Never fear, the bob hair cut is still in fashion in 2009. It's just not as unique, but paired with the right clothes and hair style you can still own this look.

What hair styles should you pair a bob with in 2009? If you're bob is chin length, look at sexing it up with the bed hair style, or if your bob is shoulder length also consider an adaptation of the mermaid / 1940s wave style as well as bed hair.

  • Long Hair
You got short hair trends in the form of the pixie crop and the cropped bob, and in the middle is ye old simple bob; so what does that leave us with? Long hair in 2009. And it's what I'm imploring all girls grow.

2. Hair Style Trends

  • Flowing Long Hair
Add a bit of oomph to a long hair style by wearing it in a heavily voluminous fashion, a look perfect for pairing back with 2009's Bohemian Luxury Autumn (Fall)/Winter fashion trend.

  • Straight and Sleek
  • Mermaid/1940s Wave with Side-Part
  • Milkmaid Braids

3. Hair Color Trends

  • Peroxide Blond Hair Colour
When she wore a peroxide blonde, blunt-cut fringed hair style in 2007, hypermodel Kate Moss set two 2008 hair trends at once. And at the tail end of 2008, she may have done it again. In a photo shoot for Interview magazine, you'll find a peroxide blonde Kate Moss; one likely to make peroxide blonde a key hair color trend in 2009.


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