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Health Tips For Mothers on Mothers Day

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a pictureAs a mother it is important that you take care of your body, and your health is no exclusion to this rule. From the way you eat, to taking the time to give yourself a break from it all; each of these factors can have a detrimental impact upon your body.

This being said, finding the time to actually eat properly is easier said than done. With your mind 100% focused on looking after your child, finding the time to eat right can be hard. Instead it is much easier to eat on the go and to put your body on hold until later.

Yet if the Wellcome Trust is correct, making the time to focus on your health may be more important than you think.
In their current study which looks into the inheritance of genes in children, they believe the way you eat during pregnancy could have a direct effect upon the way your children develop when they are born.
From the way they look, to the characteristics they develop, the Wellcome Trust have developed the theory that even the foods you eat during pregnancy could have an influence over their eating habits as an adult. Including their ability to experience effective long lasting weight loss.
Taking statistics offered by the Heart Institute’s Canadian Cardiovascular Genetics Research Centre, they found that due to DNA methylation particular mechanisms that control weight loss in muscles can be capped making it harder for the said individual to lose weight.
And this capping is rooted in the belief that external environmental elements can impact upon the way genes are expressed in children.
So if this thesis is to be taken seriously it would mean from the moment you conceive you need to take care of your diet in order to ensure your children have the best possible start in leading a healthier lifestyle.
Now when this information is compared to the recent revelation that nine in ten children will be obese by 2050; the time to take action and put a stop to this statistic is now – beginning with yourself.
By offering your body a healthy and nutritious diet combined with regular exercise, you can directly pass on this lifestyle change to your children.
Taking charge of your health doesn’t have to be a solo act. You can get your whole family involved and can set the precedent for your children to follow for many years to come.
Plus to top it all, by changing your dietary habits today, your body will be able to cope with everything your children have got to throw at you: from action packed weekends playing on the park, to going for a bike ride… with a healthier, happier body you’ll always be able to keep up.
So make this Mother’s day one to remember… as the day you took charge of your body, toned up and achieved the body you always wanted.
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