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Romantic Ideas For Busy Couples : A Healthier Relationship

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by Britanni Shanon

No matter the rewards you get from your work, the rewards of happy, healthy, and connected relationships are greater and longer lasting. It doesn't take much to add romance to your busy life, especially when you see the results. Life is better when you love and feel loved.

For dating couples:

Invite him/her to join in on something you already do
Ask them to meet you at your regular coffee stop before work. Invite them over for a quick early morning breakfast. Meet them at the gym for a work out and let off some steam. Go grocery shopping or do your laundry together.

Lunch Date
Meet them for lunch and spend your time just enjoying each other. Your lunches can be friendly and fun, or hot and sexy. Take turns making lunch for each other. Giving and receiving has a magical way of opening up love "waves."

Talk on the phone
Between meetings or classes, on speaker phone while you're traveling or getting ready for your day, while cleaning your home or walking the dog, take few moments to chat about life, love, dreams, or anything that comes to mind with your partner.

Thinking Of You Phone Calls
My sweetie and I have been seeing each other for going on five months now and he is not particularly comfortable with being verbal about how he feels. Although we only get to see each other perhaps once a week, and that is only if he is NOT busy, he calls me three to four times a day, "just to check in", or just to say "hi." Even though sometimes it can be very hard not to be able to spend time with him on a more regular basis, I do know that he cares and most definitely thinks about me during his days.
--submitted by Julie

For cohabitating and married couples:

Love notes.

Take a second to write a quick, "I love you" on a post it, on the mirror, or in an email. Everyone has enough time to write those three little words that mean so much.

Daily Loving
Sometimes life gets too busy for all of us! It is however very important to let your partner know you love them. Even though they already know you have to always reinforce it! When I make my partner breakfast and have to rush off to work I leave a note that tells him to have a good day and that I'm looking forward to seeing him that night. Sometimes I send him a love quote during the day to let him know that I'm thinking about him. These small actions make a big difference in the lives of busy people like us who forget to slow down sometimes!
--submitted by Trissie

Hot E-Mail/Text Messages
Start out early in the day sending your honey a loving, hot e-mail or text message while they are at work. Send hot e-mails back and forth all day then meet for a romantic candlelit dinner.
--submitted by Mike

Take a minute to grab a hold of your lover and massage them. Grab a foot while they are working on the notes for their early morning presentation. Rub their shoulders for a minute while they are doing the dishes. Hold off lying your head down for a few so that you can massage your lover.

Expensive gifts, cheap gifts, homemade gifts, or treasured heirlooms; simple gifts, extravagant gifts, sexy gifts, or silly gifts, everyone loves to receive gifts. Gift giving is a timeless way to romance your love. Every time they see the gift you gave, they will be reminded of the day you gave it to them. Bring a gift home to your love, have it delivered to their work, or stop by in the middle of the day and bring it to them.

Plan an "Us Day" or weekend
Set a date and go for it. Go how ever far away you need to leave your worries behind and have some fun. Plan it together so that you both get what you need and want from your time together away from your stressors.

A Little Escape
My boyfriend had been really stressed, and it seemed like everything I did or said only made things worse. We even had "the world's dumbest argument" so, I sent him an email and told him, "Let me help you escape your problems; give me 5 ways I can make this weekend relaxing. There is only one rule, absolutely no worrying or stressing!" We had the best time spending the weekend "escaping"!
--submitted by Zundra

For couples with children:

Family time romance

If it's not an issue of working too much or living apart, but it's because you never get a chance to be alone, make the most of your time as a family. A family is more than the parents' relationship with the children. It's also the relationship between the parents. Model for your children how love should be. Kiss, hold hands, and do little things that show your lover that they are in fact, your lover.

Make sex a priority
When the thought enters your mind, but you disregard it because you have things to do, rewind. Do it anyway. Choose lovemaking over chores. Tell your lover that you have a time limit, but that you want a little action. Don't take no for an answer, find a quiet room in the house, and do it. Making the decision to prioritize lovemaking is making the decision to show love to your partner. Note: a proven outcome of sex is stress relief!

Date night
Sit down together with a calendar and absolutely commit to a regular date night. Or, surprise your lover with a date night. There are a lot of groups that support date night. Some groups and organizations support date nights by offering child care for that specific reason. Also, parents can trade child care with another couple. This might help you keep your commitment to date night.

After Work Limo Ride
My wife had been working long hours of overtime for several days. She was never sure what time she would be able to leave the office and we weren't spending as much time together as we usually do. I decided on the spur of the moment to pick her up in a Limo and to spend the night paying attention to each other & just enjoying doing whatever we wanted with no interruptions from our kids, work, friends etc. I called a Limo co., walked across the street to a local florist, picked up flowers, and stopped at a local tavern to make sure that her favorite beer would be in the Limo (the bar owner thought it was so romantic she contributed a bottle of champagne). I called my wife at work and told her I would pick her up so she wouldn't have to take a bus home. I changed into dress clothes and was waiting for her at the side entrance to her building. The look on her face when I put the window down and called her name made it all worthwhile. We had a great time, that was about 3 years ago but I can't wait to do it again.
--submitted by Darrel


Anonymous said...
February 26, 2009 at 5:50 PM

I sometimes leave a cute little note for my girlfriend when I go out to work, so that she finds it when she wakes up. It's a great idea and makes you both feel good about your relationship!

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