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Ways How To Manage Tantrums In Toddlers

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I am worried about my daughter since 3 days now she is showing her temper tantrums. Yesterday was the worst day, when we went to clinic to get her flu and cough medicines. She was so angry that we always stopped her from sitting on the floor where her feet was so dirty. She was screaming like nobody's business, kicking and jumping and insisted on bare foot. Was so ashamed with other patients looking only at me and my daughter. So this morning i browsed on the net and found these article by Cecilia Stewart on ways how to manage toddlers tantrums.

Temper tantrums in toddlers can range in severity from mild crying and rolling around on the floor, to severe screaming, kicking, vomiting, jumping up and down, and sometimes aggressive behavior.

"Researchers think that these emotional explosions are part of children’s normal efforts to establish a sense of autonomy - a sort of declaration of independence from mom and dad," says the PBS parent article "Early Learning: Focus on Birth to Five, Tips for Raising Your Baby and Preschooler."

What Are Some Common Reasons for Temper Tantrums in Toddlers?
  • Toddlers may be tired from lack of sleep.
  • Children may be hungry.
  • There could be too many changes in your surrounding environment, such as a divorce or the addition of a new baby in the household.
  • Toddlers don’t know how to verbally communicate the fact that they are angry or disappointed and may resort to temper tantrums as a way of expressing their emotions.
  • Some children may use temper tantrums as a means of getting attention from you.
  • Children may want to become more independent and have more opportunities to make decisions.
  • Toddlers may be frustrated because they can’t accomplish a task that may be too difficult for them.
  • Temper tantrums in children can be a result of discomfort.
  • Children might throw temper tantrums because you won’t give them something that they want, such as a ball or a piece of candy.
How Should Parents Handle Temper Tantrums in Toddlers?

Whether your children experience frequent or sporadic outbursts, there are things that you can do to effectively manage emotional outbursts in children.
  • In the article "Temper Tantrums and Childhood" the American Academy of Pediatrics says, "You should never punish your child for temper tantrums. He may start to keep his anger or frustration inside, which can be unhealthy." You should always remain calm and find ways to soothe your child while acknowledging the fact that you understand his feelings.
  • If your child has a temper tantrum because he is upset that you denied him something, you can simply ignore it.
  • No matter how frustrated you become, avoid losing control. You should never resort to physical punishment or yelling as a means to control a temper tantrum. Even in the midst of your child’s temper tantrum, he is learning how to manage his emotions from you.
  • Don’t bribe your child to get him to stop throwing the tantrum. This will only encourage him to throw temper tantrums more often.
How Can Parents Prevent Temper Tantrums in Toddlers?

There is no foolproof method for avoiding temper tantrums in toddlers but there are ways that you can prevent a few.
  • Avoid placing your child in stressful situations.
  • Remove them from any stimulants that may trigger emotional outbursts.
  • Distract your child if you see the onset of a temper tantrum.
  • Make sure that your child gets the proper amount of sleep.
  • Make sure that you have nutritious foods readily available for them to eat when they get hungry.
  • Try to avoid huge disruptions in your toddler’s daily routine.
  • Give your child the opportunity to make simple choices. You can let him decide whether he wants bologna or ham on his sandwich. Both choices are acceptable to you and your child gets to opportunity to feel independent.
Most temper tantrums will dissipate by the time children reach the age of four. If you feel that your child's temper tantrums are a result of underlying emotional issues, you should contact his doctor immediately.

Here are 2 books that you might be interested also:

The One-Minute Temper Tantrum Solution: Strategies for Responding to Children's Challenging Behaviors

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Wenny said...
July 10, 2009 at 12:33 PM

Great guide for parents with young toddlers. Being a parent is full of challenges and anxieties. No matter what's the cause for the tantrums, never allow the child to take control of you. Let them know that you are in charge but always make the effort to explain to them the right and wrong when the situation has calmed.

Tina said...
July 12, 2009 at 2:50 AM

this is great info. I'm having fun with the 'terrible twos' with my little one and hes not even two yet!

Discount clothes said...
July 14, 2009 at 4:35 PM

Try to give toddlers some control over little things. This may fulfill the need for independence and ward off tantrums. Offer minor choices such as "Do you want orange juice or apple juice?" or "Do you want to brush your teeth before or after taking a bath?" This way, you aren't asking "Do you want to brush your teeth now?" — which inevitably will be answered "no."

Lilian said...
July 15, 2009 at 7:35 PM

hi discount clothes this a great additional advice for first time parents like me...thanks for sharing

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